I wish I could pay the taxes of the one percent

moving on up

moving on up

I just finished my taxes.

I set up my paycheck to try to ensure that I get some money back and certainly do not have to pay anything.  Some would say a flawed strategy, but it works for me.

My effective tax rate was over 15%.  I am pretty firmly in the middle class and will likely stay here for the foreseeable future.  I refinanced my mortgage in 2011 and so I payed a lot less in interest.  My property taxes have decreased with the value of my home.

What pushed me over the 15% was the windfall from selling 2 stocks for a profit of 30 dollars.  I also had some small reinvested dividends.  I am happy to pay my taxes.  Happy to be making enough to be able to contribute to national defense, education, and building infrastructure.  Luckily, the 15 cents I got from my savings account did not seem to add to my tax bill.

I wish that I made enough to fall into the one percent.  I would be paying more money in taxes but I would have the money to pay it.  If I invent some awesome gadget that everyone has to have, I will be delighted to “suffer” the taxes of the one percent.  So fingers crossed, maybe I can pay more next year.




Over the past several years, there have been several campaigns to stop bullying.  Adults have been trying to teach kids that bullying is wrong and that it is everyone’s job to stand up to bullies.  Well, I guess I listened.  

I want to stand up to adults bullying adults.  Kids learn by example, and the example that is being set by “comedians”, commentators, pundits, and even some doctors, is disgusting!

Politics seems to provide a great example of how to bully.  It even demonstrates effective cyber-bullying.  This past week I have heard politicians and public servants being mocked, teased, and insulted.   Not for their views on any particular policy, but solely based on appearance.

If you want to talk about healthy lifestyles, BMI’s, body types, and wrinkles, then talk about it.  There is no need to make jokes about someone’s weight, the size of a lady’s backside, a powerful woman’s skin, or even a Congressman’s orange hue.

We should all be ashamed of our hypocrisy!  We preach to kids about being nice  and standing up for each other.  Then we turn around and start bashing each other.  Or, sit by and let others do it.

Stop the bullies!! 

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Time to quit my job, according to talking heads

Listening to the pundits this morning, I became convinced that we all have done enough work for the year.

Apparently, the President only has one year to get things done.  Members of Congress will soon begin their bid for re-election.  After the mid-term elections, the President is done being able to accomplish anything and should just go on vacation, start building his library, and write his memoirs.

As the story goes, Congress cannot be bothered to do anything and will never take any chances while preparing for elections.

If we are electing people to only work for one year at a time, then we are paying them to run for office the rest of the time.


So if I hand in my thirty day notice tomorrow, my salary should continue for the rest of the year.  Sounds like a great plan to me.

C-Span has the best coverage

I am watching the C-SPAN coverage of the House tonight…at least until I go to sleep.

REP David Dreier (R) from California is giving a good speech.  As usual, the news cable coverage is talking over him.

Update, he just finished.  Oh well, if you did not see it and have some extra time, it might be worth a watch.

On to the vote!  Or, the first of several votes.

Don’t Tease!

Could Washington finally come up with an agreement to do part of what they have been talking about for months?  I will try not to hold my breath.

They have dropped our expectations so low that partial agreement on a few of the “Cliff” issues, is exciting and reason for celebration.

I only know some of the superficial items that the House is getting ready to discuss and maybe – fingers crossed – vote on.  They sound good enough to me.  It leaves several issues to be settled later. While this will lead to more endless posturing and news coverage…While it will pay many pundits’ and lobbyists’ salaries for the next few months…

I don’t care!

Pass something, anything.  My expectations are so low, I just want you to do SOMETHING!!!


Your inaction and inability to accomplish anything on this issue is what is holding back this recovery and keeping us nervous.  How can a business or a family budget for anything if you cannot settle this bickering?

Compromise is NOT Retreat!

Compromise is NOT Folding!

Don’t listen to the pundits, or your own press releases.  Get your head out of the echo chamber and listen to THE PEOPLE.


PLEASE WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE!!  Look to the right for a link.

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At Least Pretend to Try

Before the election was even done, House Speaker John Boehner gave a speech stating that he is willing to sit down and compromise with anyone….as long as they agree with him.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has basically said that that the election means that he doesn’t have to compromise on anything.

With such wonderful leadership in Congress, does it really matter who was elected President?

Please write your own letter or send the letter from the previous post, to your elected officials and the leadership.

This is ridiculous.  Can we lock them all in a room like a sequestered jury until they work things out?

POST PUBLISH EDIT:  I went to email Washington leadership and found that the House leadership will not accept email from outside their district.  Really?  If you only listen to your district, then stop screwing the rest of us!

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What would you say to our leaders if you had a chance. Should we start a letter writing campaign? I believe a lot of people would sign this letter.

Real Woman's Health

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

We are tired.   We are tired of the games and are desperate for you to behave like leaders.  We implore you to put away your personal and party agendas and follow a higher calling.  It is time to sit and work out solutions to this wonderful country’s problems.  No candidate fits all of our views so we have to compromise when we vote.  It is time for you to do the same.

We do NOT care whose ideas are used.  We do NOT care if you take ideas from everyone.  We care for progress and NOT witty little sound bites on talk shows.  We want you to stop being so myopic, arrogant and self-serving.

We care about this country.  We care about our families.

We are tired and dizzy from your spin, your half truths, and all out lies.  Try spreading the WHOLE truth and demand…

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